Dave Hall

[email protected]
  • Senior Software Engineer
    New York, NY
    • Add features to a single page application & Ruby on Rails application for Discovery, Talk, & Member Pages using TypeScript, React, Tailwind CSS, Next.js, & Ruby on Rails
    • Improve code quality by adding code coverage tools & providing actionable code reviews & pairing sessions to reduce QA testing to reduce deployment times
    • Create & add components to accessible TED UI Design System
    • Foster collaboration & team focus using team choosen agile development methodologies to reduce blockers
  • Software Developer
    New York, NY
    • Build ingestion tool for Sharepoint migration from CouchDB
    • Develop single page applications using Vue.js
    • Develop backend microservices using TypeScript, CouchDB, & Node.js
  • Software Engineer
    New York, NY
    • Deliver accessible HTML, JavaScript, & CSS to the client using Vue.js, Vuex, SASS, & TypeScript using WebPack
    • Aggregate legacy APIs, & Cassandra column-family data using GraphQL to feed into Design Library components
    • Refactor Node.js API microservices for modularity. Increase code coverage up to 85% & over
    • Create maintainable code with Functional programming & Test Driven Development
    • Foster collaboration & user engagement using team choosen agile development methodologies
    • Participate in hiring & onboarding processes by creating assessments & documentation
  • Software Engineer
    New York, NY
    • Deliver HTML, JavaScript, & CSS to components using React, Angular, SASS, & TypeScript from jQuery library based components
    • Create, measure & modify performance of Design Library components
    • Design, develop & demonstrate proof of concept prototypes
    • Create Progressive Web Application utilizing AWS Lambda, AWS Lex, & Infor Coleman AI
  • Lead Developer
    Radish Lab
    New York, NY
    • Create & manage developer operations using Vagrant, Chef, & Ansible
    • Create web apps, & REST APIs using PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Node.js, ExpressJS, AngularJS
    • Conduct interviews & onboard 2 hires
  • Brooklyn College, Information Systems
  • City College of New York, General Psychology, MA
  • Binghamton University, Psychology, BA